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How to define rubber mount in Ansys mechanical Response spectrum analysis?

    • joeM

      I have a cabinet mounted on 8 rubber mounts from the bottom of the cabinet and with 2 rubber mount at the top rear panel.

      I have available stiffness of the rubber mounts in x, y and z orthogonal direction. I defined (represented) the subber mounts with Ansys "bushing" connectors and solved modal analysis, however in attempt to solve the Response spectrum analysis, Ansys reported that bushings are not supported with Response spectrum solver.

      So, does anyone is willing to share what proper connectors type should be used in order to be compatible with RS analysis in Ansys mechanical?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Please see if the following link is of help to you.

      92.pdf (

      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • joeM
      Akhemka, thank you for your effort in regards to my question. Meanwhile, I was instructed to modify bushing connector formulation in Ansys Mechanical as follows:
      Go to properties of every and each bushing connector in Ansys mechanical, find"Formulation" and then Deselect Bushing formulation and enable MPC formulation.
      Once when Bushing connectors formulation is switched to MPC, Response Spectrum analysis is solved without error.
      I did not told what is difference between the MPC and Bushing formulation of the Bushing Connector. It seems that Ansys adding lot of new features, but does not provide proper write up procedure and clarification when one option is allowed and when it is not supported.
      I would appreciate more feedback on Response Spectrum analysis with Ansys Mechanical.
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