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How to Define the resistor ports in HFSS design in order to be able to link it to Circuit

    • Firas

      Hi all,

      Can anyone help me with this problem, I am trying to design an unequal Wilkinson power divider using HFSS, I design it using circuit and everything is okay at the circuit level. My problem is when I design the power divider with HFSS I am not able to define the resistor port correctly some how. I dont want to use LumpedRLC boundary condition because I want to see the effect of changing the resistor value on the overall performance without running HFSS simulation for different LumpedRLC values .

      So I need to link the HFSS design to a circuit and inside the circuit design I will assign a resistor and change it is value and see the effect on the S parameters of the power divider designed in HFSS.

      In HFSS How to define the ports of the resistors ? Should it be lumped ? If so what should be HFSS solution type to define this port correctly? Also should we make the lumped port integration line going from ground to the port ? what should be the value of the port full impedance  in HFSS , I mean I dont want to assign any value because it should come circuit  can this work.

      Any Help will be really appreciated.

      Best Regards

    • jtharp
      Ansys Employee

      If you go to File -> Open Examples -> HFSS 3D Layout -> Component you will see an example Wilkinson divider with an imported S Parameter file for the resistor (to capture any phase imbalance caused by parasitic capacitances of a thin film resistor).  HFSS Layout is the easiest GUI to simulate these structures.

      Have fun!

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