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How to delete a column in a matrix??

    • kopio

      Hello guys,

      Here is my first post, dont sure if Iam in the right category

      My question is how to delete a simple column in a 3x3 matrixs in Mechanics APDL 18.2.

      I make a 3x3 matrix with *dim,ThreeXThree,,3,3

      If I have like this

      1  2  3

      4  5  6

      7  8  9

      And I want delete the second column (2 5 and 7) how I can do it?

      I tried building a *VMASK with

      1  0  1

      1  0  1

      1  0  1

      Lets say my *VMASK is call MatrixMask


      *VMASK, MatrixMask

      *VFUN,result_Matrix, COMP, ThreeXThree

      is not working

      Anyone an idea for me?

      I appreiacte any kind of help thxxx

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