How to delete data quantities in transient simulation?

    • ai0013


      My simulation is considerably increasing its size as my transient simulation goes on. At some point, I am not even able to save/load my data again. Also I am solving for unsteady particle tracking, do you know how can I get rid of some data quantities, so my data file size can reduce?




    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      are you exporting any extra quantities other than default?

      what is autosave frequency? can you increase it?

      you can also try to reduce your mesh size. 





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    • ai0013

      I am not exporting any extra data, but just the default quantities.

      I am not using the autosave option, but just saving the data manually when desired. 


      I would like to know how to keep maybe the last two or three solution files within the data file?? I am solving for DPM and particle history.




    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Okay then you need to do an extra export. Fluent requires a minimum set of data quantities for restart and continuation. These data are under File/data quantities. You require doing an export to another Post Processing program and here you can select what you want to export and so to minimize the data. For Particle Tracks you can do similar.

      On the other hand you can enable standard automatic save case and here you just retain the latest N results: again with the minimum but required data quantities under File/..


      Particle Tracks are not saved in the data file: Fluent always requires to update tracks before showing them. 

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