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how to deselect parts from the selected location


    • farnazhd66


      could you please tell me how I can deselect parts of the selected location in Ansys AIM?
      sometimes for example selection is by box selection or automated, but just specific part needs to be subtracted from the selected location.

      there is "+" option to add parts to the location but not other ways around :)

      any help is greatly appreciated!

      many thanks,


    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi farnazhd66

      This can be done easily by using "Ctrl" key. Follow the steps below:

      1. Just click on the location tab, this will highlight the parts that were already selected.
      2. Press ctrl on keyboard and click on any part, which was originally selected and you want to remove.
      3. You'll see that the color of this part changes  from orange to blue, indicating it has been deselected now.
      4. Go ahead and click on replace.

      Please look at the attached video which is a short demo of the approach stated above.



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    • farnazhd66

      Thanks a lot! perfect! such an easy solution and I was spending too much time on it:)

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