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How to draw LE and TE contours

    • John1990

      Dear All,

      Hi. I have recently involved with ANSYS Blade editor of Design Modeler. I could successfully extract different sections of an existing blade CAD file to use it in ANSYS TurboGrid. Now, I need to export camber of the blade at different spanwise sections from root to tip and do some numerical manipulation. The problem I have now faced with is the need for blade feature to select in ExportPoints option (Meanline option). For defining blade feature, I need to define and draw leading edge and trailing edge contours. This is the problem. I do not know how to define these contours. Would anybody help me with this? Any reference or tutorial? I should apologize if this question is trivial for you.


    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee
      Hi John Blades are constructed in BladeEditor using an Angle/Thickness approach. The mean camberline is defined at different blade span locations based on either the blade beta or theta angle. In 3D space, you can think of these curves at different span fractions representing a mean camber surface. To generate the actual blade shape, the blade thickness (defines as thickness=f(normalized meridional distance)) is applied to this surface. Note that this approach doesn't determine the blade leading/trailing edge contours. Therefore, using the Meanline option under ExportPoints will export information for the blade surfaces but not the leading/trailing edge definition. If you want to include this leading edge/trailing edge information, set the Export Type to TurboGrid. The resulting profile.curve file will contain geometry in Cartesian coordinates that includes the leading/trailing edge contours at different span fractions.

    • John1990
      Thanks rfblumen for replying me. Actually, I don't want to generate LE/TE contours or blade geometry, but need to extract camber curve coordinates along the span of blade. I have 3D blade CAD file, but no information about angle, thickness. I noticed that in Export Points, to get and extract the meanline (camber), I have to select LE/TE contours. Is there any way to extract camber profile distribution along span of a blade with minimum input requirements?
      As we know, computing the average of theta coordinates of the upper and lower surfaces of blade doesn't yield in camber since camber is mean across the thickness.
      Many thanks for replying me.
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