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How to export Fluent meshes (Fluent meshing) and convert them to an OpenFOAM readable format?


    • samir.sid


      I am interested in using poly-hexcore meshes generated in Fluent meshing to perform OpenFOAM CFD simulations but, unfortunately, I could not find any way to export Fluent meshes in .msh ASCII format (input required by the fluent3DMeshToFoam mesh conversion utility).

      So far, I managed to successfully export and convert meshes generated in ANSYS meshing and I would like to do the same for meshes generated in Fluent meshing. Does anyone know if/how Fluent meshes can be exported to .msh ASCII files?

      Thank you.

      Best regards,


    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Samir,
      To write the mesh in ASCII format, in Fluent meshing, File --> write --> mesh and uncheck write binary files
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