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How to export k file in ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA 2020R2 Version?


    • pengchengyin

      Hi all,

      As the title, How to export a k file in ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA 2020R2 Version? I remember the way that how to export k file in old version, which is Main Menu -> Solution -> Write k file. However, I didn't find this option in the 2020R2 version. Does anyone can tell me how to export the k file in 2020R2 version?

    • Samir Kadam
      Ansys Employee
      nHope you are doing great!! nLooking at the image you attached, it seems like Mechanical APDL tree outline. Can you please clarify if you are looking for exporting *.k file from APDL interface? nIf you want to export it from the WB interface then, you can do it using Write Solver File under LS-DYNA Pre ribbon, when you click on LS-DYNA in the tree outline. Please refer to following image. nI hope this helps. Please let us know how it works. nRegards,nSamir.n
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