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How to export lines/points from Spaceclaim to Workbench

    • amando.gallardo

      Hello, Maybe this topic is already answered, but I found no info about this in the forum...

      So, How can I export 2D/1D features (points, lines, surfaces) from spaceclaim to workbench. I know there are some options to check inside geometry properties before start any design:

      Solid Bodies, Surface Bodies, Line Bodies, and the Mixed Import Resolution: Solid, Surface and Line.

      However even checking these options nothing is exported to workbench, actually an attach error comes out when I try to open the model.

      Thanks for your comments!

    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @amando.gallardo,
      Setting the analysis type to 2D from the properties might be helpful.
      You can also use the Project command to project the features on surfaces or solids. 
      Assigning a cross-section to a line body in SpaceClaim itself makes it easy for the user to visualize in mechanical.
      The following video may be helpful for the same-

      ">Creating and Analysing a Beam and Shell Bridge Model with ANSYS SpaceClaim and Mechanical - YouTube 
      You can also get more details on Body Filtering property and Mixed import resolution from the following references-
      General Information (

      Mixed Import Resolution (

      Solutions to some of the errors can also be found in Problem Situations (

      Hope that helps!


  • amando.gallardo

    Hi Sahil,

    Thanks a lot for your reply, I was having troubles with my account.

    Really appreaciatte your support :D

  • bhagwantP
    Ansys Employee

    Hello amando,

    Will you please share details of error may be though screenshot image attachment so that we will be able to get more clarity. Based on error details we may be in a position to provide some suggestions.


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