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How to “extend” a pre-made geometry

    • rachels1001

      Hey guys,

      I have a geometry that was pre-made for me; however, I now want to extend the length of a cylinder in the geometry. Because I imported the geometry into design modeler, and so I can't just edit the length of the original extrude command that created the cylinder. 

      I can extrude the cylinder from one of its surfaces; however, that results in the creation of a new body, when I just want to extend the length of the old one. 

      I have seen people use the "extend" command to do this; however, I can't find it in design modeler. 

      Sorry for the rather basic question, thanks for help!



    • peteroznewman

      Hey Claire,

      Do you have SpaceClaim?  That has a Pull tool that is very easy to use. Just click on the Pull button (or type P) and click on the face, then drag it in the direction you want. You can type in a specific value into the pop-up dialog.

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