How to extract data from a completed transient simulation without re-running the case

    • haiteng

      I am using ANSYS Fluent to simulate a transient flow field. The case has been run for a physical time of 150 s, with the data saved every 0.5 s (physical time). Thus, I have 300 .dat file after the simulation.


      During post-processing (using CFD-Post, EnSight), I want to extract the time history of temperature and velocity for some sample points. Could I achieve this goal without re-running the simulation for another 150 s physical time, which is painfully long?


      To clariy, I did monitor one point and saved its time history during the Fluent solving process. But that’s not enough. Now I want to extract more information from this completed transient simulation.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Yes if the information required depends on variables available in the export should be possible. In post check transient chart and export what you want.
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