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How to extract source code from wbex file?

    • akash.purushothaman

      I have a wbex file for an Ansys ACT. I would like to make some updates to the ACT.
      Inorder to do the updates, I need the source code of the script from which the wbex file was built. 
      Unfortunately, we don't have the source code!

      Is there any way to extract the source code (files) from the wbex file?

    • mjmiddle
      Ansys Employee



      If the wbex file was built with the option compiled=”True”, then you can’t get the source code. That’s one of the purposes for building the wbex if you are the ACT extension builder: to protect your confidential code. 

      It will unpack the extension to a scripted version to the user’s home directory: %APPDATA%\Ansys\v{version}\ACT\extensions.

      If the xml had ‘script compiled=”True”‘ before compiling, then you’ll see all the folders and files of the scripted extension in the user’s directory except these python files.  In this case the *.wbex file will also be copied to the user’s directory, since it must look inside the wbex file for the compiled src files.




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