How to extract two-dimensional(2D) electron/hole densities from Lumerical Charge

    • fanlu.zhang
      Hi there

      In this model "",
      we can visualize the 2D electron/hole densities in the software.

      However, when I tried to extract the electron/hole densities data, "Charge-Visualize-charge-n-View Data", it presents a "3529 x 5" matrix, as attached Image1.

      In this matrix, it presents electron densities at 5 different voltages. For a particular voltage, it would be a matrix of "3529 x 1". We can not extract/plot the 2D electron densities with this "3529 x 1" matric, as it lost x,y information.

      Could you please help to extract the 2D electron densities data? Thank you very much.

      Screenshot of the electron density extraction
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      For each set of the 3529 data, you will need to interpolate the triangle mesh to reclinear mesh. Please refer this link
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