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General Mechanical

How to find all elements with higher strain level than a predefined value


    • mer153

      I want to run a simulation using ANSYS APDL. I could define the problem setup in APDL. Now I want to modify the APDL input file so that at the end of each time step, it identifies all elements with higher strain levels than a predefined threshold and then kills those elements and proceeds with the next time step using the updated mesh.

      Please use the link below to download the APDL input file. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could teach me how to do this.


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      See this post where they show how to do this (above certain stress, but can be changed for strain just see the command nsel in the help manual , so instea of ,,s,eqv, one can use ,,epto,eqv):

      All the best



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