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General Mechanical

how to find aluminum alloy Elongation at Break ?

    • shiubob

      hi all,

      how to find the default material of aluminum alloy's elongation at break value?


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      Perhaps search the internet and find a typical value for such an alloy if it is not in there (which I do not think it is).

      Hope this helps

      All the best




    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, I advise you to look for such materials data in consolidated and proofed databases, like the ones in Ansys Granta softwares. Below a screenshot of typical results you can get searching in the main databases of Granta Selector (MaterialUniverse or JAHM with more than 1500 et 1700 records respectively, for different Al alloys/grades...). You can have access to digitalized stress-strain curves for such metallic materials if required. Regards



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