How to find distorted element on mesh in ANSYS FSI (in Ansys 18.2) and resolve

    • dxc200018

      I'm attempting to do a 2 way FSI fluidand solid simulation on Ansys Fluent .

      My problem is that in the solid domain , I keep getting this error that says there is excessive distortion of elements. I'm using an unstructured mesh.

      I keep shrinking the mesh size, but that doesn't resolve the error. Eventually I got an error that the simulation exceeds the RAM limits because my mesh was too small.

      How do I view the parts of the mesh with distorted elements?

      How do I resolve this mshing problem?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Distorted elements may be due to the remeshing settings (smoothing has limits, and remeshing will eventually fail in certain circumstances) or the motion being too fast/large for a time step. 

      To view the poor mesh, use a contour of cell quality (skewness), or in 3d create an iso-surface or register. 

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