How to find the area of individual cells in Ensight


    • Ya_Tang


      I am trying to get each area of the individual cells that form a 2D part in Ensight similar to how I would get other element-defined variables. I've been able to calculate the total area of each part using Ensight's predefined Area function, and I have been able to transfer node data (such as velocity) to cell data, using the NodeToElem function. However, since area is not defined for nodes, I have been unable to get the area for each cell.

      Figure 2 is an example of what I’m looking for. I have been able to find the area of the blue section with the predefined function, but I have not been able to find the area of the individual cells, similar to what is shown in red. Is there any way to find this for all cells in a part inside of Ensight?


      Figure 1. Full 3D vessel (left) and cross-section clips (right)


      Figure 2. Full area (blue) and area of one element/cell (red)

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Ya_Tang,


      You can make use of the predefined function EleSize to calculate area of a 2D part. Please refer to section Element Size in 8.5. Variable Creation (ansys.com).

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