How to find the confinement loss of a nanowaveguide in lumerical?

    • AbhinavArun

      I want to find the confinement loss for a nanowaveguide in lumerical. How to do it?

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      I'm not sure what you mean by "confinement loss", can you please give some more information on what you're trying to calculate?
      The FDE solver in MODE or the FEEM solver in Lumerical Multiphysics can be used to calculate waveguide mode properties, including loss. This loss calculation is calculated from the imaginary part of the effective index and takes into account absorption losses in the waveguide materials as well as losses due to waveguide bends or radiation to a high index substrate (if PML boundaries are used). These solvers do not take into account losses due to sidewall roughness. These examples have more information:
      Bent waveguide analysis
      Bent waveguide (FEEM)
      Waveguide substrate loss (FEEM)
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