How to find time averaged value of mass flow rate at outlet in ANSYS Fluent

    • semi

      I am using ANSYS Fluent, Mixture model for air-water two-phase flow in T Junction.

      I want to find the time-averaged mass flow rate of water and air at the outlet for 5 seconds.

      Right now I am writing the mass flow rate of air-water in the output text file and then averaging it in the EXCEL.

      But, I could not understand, Is it ok are not?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      That's how I'd do it. There are time average options but, without checking, I can't remember if they extend to reports. 

    • semi

      Thanks, rwoolhou

      I got it.

    • umair221143
      Dear semi, nCan you please explain how you solved this issue?n
    • Karthik R
      nAs mentioned by make sure you write out your variable of interest as a text file. You can do this from the Report menu - using the write option. nOnce you do this, read this data into Excel and then start manipulating to average in time.nKarthikn
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