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How to fix a project file that accidentally got corrupted due to adding an External data connection?

    • nselvara
      Ansys Employee

      The way to fix that would be to edit the .wbpj file in a text editor and look for the search string "External Connection". It maybe found within several {"DisplayText": "PraxairGeomGen", "Components": [$$7ec952c4-4182-4181-a57a-415ced06be4d], "ComponentGroups": [], "SystemVisible": True, "RequiredComponents": [], "ExcludedComponentTemplates": [], "Attributes": {}, "SystemType": "ExternalConnection", "HeaderText": "External Connection", "SystemTypeAbbreviation": "Ex", "UniqueSystemDirectoryName": "Ex-1", "Physics": [], "AnalysisType": None, "SystemHelpId": None, "AdditionalSystemHelpId": None, "IsParametric": False, "CreatedFromTemplate": $$f9d09be4-2516-4188-8f09-4122b6f2ed89, "Notes": None, "LayoutChildren": [$$3f0ef782-74b0-4440-8b2e-f5d1e60e0d38], "LayoutIndex": -1.5} Once all the blocks containing the reference are deleted save the .wbpj file. Now open folder and go to dp0 folder and delete the folders associated with the external connection. They will be named something like: Ex, Ex-1 etc. Now the project can be opened and there shouldn't be any references to the empty external connections causing the corruption.

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