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how to fix reverse flow in Ansys fluent 2019 r2

    • manelaero2020

      Hi friends

      I am using fluent 2019 r2, the option 'prevent reverse flow' doesn't exist in this version.

      My questions :

      1- How to fix reverse flow using fluent 2019 r2?

      2- I have read such solutions as refining mesh at the outlet/using coupled solver / extending the outlet furthermore (not possible for me) / and decreasing under relaxation factor

      I have decreased under relaxation factor of pressure and momentum to 0.4 and of turbulence to 0.7

      But I don't have an idea if this solution can affect solution accuracy; do you have an idea if this can affect solution accuracy please :)?

      thank you a lot

      all my kind regards

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      You identify why it's happening and work from there. The flag to prevent reverse flow shouldn't really be used without understanding the flow as you might be forcing a non-physical result.
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