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How to fix shear locking in LS-DYNA?

    • LCP


      I am modelling a hyperelastic, incompressible 2D valve (essentially just a simple rectangle). I want it to bend, and make sure this happens by applying a pressure to the side of the rectangle.

      I am using a shell element with option 13, which equals 2D solid element with plane strain assumption.

      When I compare the results for NIP = 1 (1-point Gauss integration) and NIP = 4 (2x2 Gauss integration), I find that the bending in the simulation for NIP=4 is much smaller than for NIP=1. I suspect that this is due to shear locking for the fully integrated elements.

      How can I fix this issue?

      Kind regards,

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      Do check the following Link for further understanding the Element locking
      Cheers, Ram
    • Jim Day
      Ansys Employee
      If there is only one element through the thickness, the case with NIP=1 will have only one integration point through the thickness and thus will lack bending stiffness.
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