How to get a check mark to appear next to the setup step when using a TUI script?

    • owenskl

      I am using the TUI Fluent script below. After the script has been successfully executed, a checkmark does not appear next to the setup step in the workbench. I am still able to create streamline and contour plots in CFD-Post. It seems like the data from Fluent has been saved; the checkmark is just missing. The image below shows the workbench workflow after the geometry, meshing, setup, and result steps have been completed. Is there anything I can change or add to the script to make the checkmark appear once the calculations have been completed?

      TUI Script:

      /file/set-tui-version "20.1"

      /define/materials copy fluid water-liquid q

      /define/boundary-conditions/fluid enclosure_enclosure y water-liquid no no no no 0. no 0. no 0. no 0 no 1 no 0 no no no no no q

      /define/boundary-conditions/velocity-inlet inlet no no yes yes no 1.54 no 0. no no yes 5 10 q

      /define/boundary-conditions/wall walls no yes shear-bc-spec-shear no no 0. no 0.5 no 0. no 0. no 0. q

      /solve/initialize/hyb-initialization q

      /solve/iterate 25 q


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      If fluent completes the specified iterations, it will show green tick mark.
      So that means you have got some error in your journal. Please cross check it.
      Use interactive Fluent session and copy paste each command one by one and press enter. You will see which command is giving error.
      Regards Keyur
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    • owenskl
      @kkanade, thank you for your response. I have done as you suggested and copy-pasted each line of code in an interactive Fluent session. I did not come across any errors when doing this. Also, the specified number of iterations were completed. I did, however, come across a solution to this problem. While the line ÔÇ£/solve/iterate 25 qÔÇØ works, to get the green checkmark to appear, the number of iterations must be set before this command. This can be done by adding the command /solve/set number-of-iterations 25 q. If the number of iterations specified in both of these commands is different, then the /solve/iterate command will overwrite the /solve/set number-of-iterations command. For example, in the code segment below, only 10 iterations would be completed.

      Iteration code segment:
      /solve/set number-of-iterations 25 q
      /solve/iterate 10 q

      I am able to open Fluent iteratively, run just the command: /solve/set number-of-iterations 25 q, then close Fluent, and the green checkmark will appear. It seems that the checkmark is only an indication that the number of iterations has been set and not if the calculations have been completed. Obviously, doing this will not allow you to move on to the post-processing step.

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