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General Mechanical

How to get a local buckling on geometry with Explicit Dynamics

    • kc644

      Hi All,

      I'm trying to simulate a local crush behaviour on an aluminium y cross section sheet. However, when I look at the stress plot tracker I notice that the stress gradually flows down at the joint of the geometry. Now I have done a node merge on my mesh to ensure that all three faces of the cross section are one.

      I even tried changing the aluminium alloy NL engineering data to see if I can resolve this, but I have no luck so far.


      As for the mesh details, it is kept the same as default except the element size is 2.0mm, lowering this for me increases the time to compute.

      Additionally, there is a base plate and an impactor on this geometry but I have hid it for the purpose of showing this stress and buckle problem clearly

      If anyone knows why I'm getting this problem, I would greatly appreciate any help.

      Kind regards,


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