How to get Coupling efficiency?

    • sagar

      In Lumerical to get transmission, we place a monitor (rectangular) just top of the photonics structure and check how much light is passing through the monitor. But in the experiment monitor will be replaced with the Objective of a particular numerical aperture (NA), How to relate these two things?

      Another solution I think is that we can integrate the far-field profile in a solid angle (solid angle of the objective) to get the idea of how much light is able to couple by the objective. Is it possible to get the coupling parameter in Lumerical?

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      You're correct, integrating the far field in a given solid angle based on the NA of the objective would give you the amount of light that could be collected by the objective. You can normalize this to the source power or the total far field power, as demonstrated by the script example on this page:
      A similar approach is given in this example for imaging with a lens:
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