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General Mechanical

How to get reaction forces from Bushings?

    • Ben Dietrich

      Hello all,


      I am currently trying to pull the reaction forces from the body-ground bushings that I have on my model. The bushings are tied to the same rigid remote points as beam connectors. As shown below;

      Currently, I am trying to pull data from them using the Joint Probes, but when I attempt to evaluate results it returns "The result data for JFL is not contained in the result file."

      I am currently outputting everything and saving the MAPDL db, and have also tried removing the beam connection attached to the remote point.


      What should I do to be able to pull the reaction forces from these bushings? Alternatively, is there a way to attach a remote displacement to the "ground" side of the body-ground bushing, so that I may use a normal reaction force probe?

    • Manish Dubey
      Ansys Employee


      You can drag and drop the bushing joints in the solution branch of tree and then you can retrive the results as shown below. 

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