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How to get Rotordynamic Analysis Guide for 2022 R2

    • Saad Sultan

      Hello Everyone,

      I'm using ANSYS 2022 R2. I have to deal with rotordynammic analysis and my previous APDL macros were written in earlier versions. 

      Where or how I can download/order Rotordynamic Analysis Guide for Ansys  2022 R2 version ? 

      All I searched the web only to get older versions of this guide that too only downloadable via file sharing websites.

      My task is to generate a critical speed map. Although I have found the apdl command of 'critspeedmap' but I'm unable to find the documentation for its arguments.


      best regards,

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      In the help manual and under Mechanical APDL 2022 R2 guide there is the rotordynamic analysis guide:

      Rotordynamic Analysis Guide (

      All the best



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