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How to get the APDL command from the files like .cdb, obtained from Ansys technology demonstration?

    • manu87


      Hi, everyone.

      I'm learning the example listed in Ansys technology demonstration, such as td-1, td-2,...However, some issues come out during this process.

      In the demonstration, an example is showed in the .dat and .cdb files. The normal operation of these files are imported by Ansys classic module. And, the .cdb files are called by the .dat file. Though one can see the FEA model, the key steps, such as the establishment of contact pairs and the choose of master/slave surface, cannot be clearly found. The key spots are showed as node/element informations, which is not the common form of APDL, such as





      So, my question is that, is there any method that can transform the commands in .cdb files into the normal form of APDL?

      Hope your responses.

      Best wishes.

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