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How to get the average velocity in ADL at required C/S

    • satishbshenkar


      I have tube and it has few baffles inside. The CFD analysis was performed for the design and then I wanted to know whether we can grab the average velocity at any required cross section area or not. Can you please help me out how I can get the average velocity (not maximum) at particular cross section.

      For your reference I have attached image and shown section 1 ad 2 in pipe.

      Let me know asap.



    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Satish Shenkar

      Please refer to this video on Planar surface calculator. You can set the statistical operator to the required operation at the given cross section.

      • satishbshenkar

        Subashni , 

        HI Subashni,

        Thank you very much for your wonderful video. This is what I was looking for. However, we have AD License 19.1  which do not have "Planer Surface" option in drill down menu of "calculation" which is mentioned in the video shared by you.

        Is there any other method where we can grab the results in particular cross section. Currently I am running CFD analysis in ADL and wanted to know average velocity at particular c/s which is quite difficult with available feature with calculation button. We have only Point, Plane, face, volume, All body surfaces".

        Let me know your feedback.

        Thank you very much once again.



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