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How to give constant heat input boundary condition

    • Chinchedu

      Hi, I want to give constant heat input boundary condition of 20 W to a circular pipe of 6 mm diameter and 2 mm thick, which I'm modelling in 2D (rectangular shape). But in fluent we have constant heat flux boundary condition, so now which area should I consider so as to satisfy constant heat input boundary condition.

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      Fluent considers unit depth while solving for 2D. If you want to check/modify, you will find Depth input in the 'Reference Values' menu.
      To find the heat flux, divide the total heat input (which is 20 W here) by the total length (in meters) of the boundary on which heat flux needs to be assigned. Here, surface area is equal to the length, as the depth is assumed as 1 m by default. That will give you the heat flux.

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