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How to implement a vibrational forcing in fluent !!

    • Hamza Touaiti


      I have a 2D model, multiphase, of air and water, and I have to study in microgravity how they behave when subjected to a vibration of 81hz, from below

      How to implement a vibrational forcing in fluent?

      we are having problems in the numerical simulation in ansys Fluent. we cant't figure out how to set the vibrational forcing and frequencies to use. we made a structural modification to the experiment by inserting a subwoofer to make the container vibrate and connecting it to a frequency generator, through which it is also possibile to set the amplitude. could you kindly tell us the values of speeds,amplitudes and accelerations and also what software did you use for the numerical simulation?


    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      Use ZONE_MOTION macro with the profile and hook it to the cell zone.

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