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How to implement Ramped Loads in AIM?

    • m.zanoletti

      I'm trying to implement a ramped (or Custom) load in AIM, but I find only constant factors to multiply each loadstep. Thanks Michele

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello  M.Zanoletti

      I am mentioning the response from Glyn that you got yesterday:

      In the context of Structural Analysis, there are a couple of options:

      1) Use multiple load steps and vary the multiplication factor per step as per Richard's suggestion.

      2) Use manually defined sub-stepping (in Solution Progression) to see equally spaced portions of your applied conditions (if it's just ramping up to a given magnitude) - that said, you can see this without sub-steps by going by percentage in the result.

      3) Use the "time-dependent structural" beta feature to enable tabular entry.  You can exclude inertial effects by turning Time integration (in Solution Progression) to Off.

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