How to import data into Maxwell model?

    • Shiva2810


      I have a question regarding importing data to Maxwell.

      I want to excite the motor with voltage. But these voltages are time-series data that I obtained from real tests and recorded in excel file. Do you know how can I import them to Maxwell? what would be the setting of simulation?

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      You can probably use pwl function.
      Go to Maxwell2D/3D>Design datasets on the pop-up window Give a name to the dataset and enter your data with time on X-axis
      Then for the voltage excitation, you can use the function pwl(dataset name,time)
      Regards Navya
    • Ismael Favela

      Is there an additional way to import a B field calculated earlier to a new simulation where the end goal is to use a B field to calculate Lorentz forces on a conductor?


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