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How to import multiple PART mesh files ?

    • chandramouli

      Hello guys,

      If we do meshing on a whole product it takes a lot of computational time.

      So to reduce that we decided to do meshing on individual parts and then combine them ,but we dont know how to combine the individual parts into a fully assembled product in ansys workbench.

      Can any one help us with this case?

      The ANSYS I use :- ANSYS 19

    • peteroznewman

      You make a collection of Mechanical Models and bring them together. This post has a good example using ANSYS 19.2

      It uses Static Structural blocks, but they should have been Mechanical models feeding into a Static Structural.

    • chandramouli

      Thank you Peteroznewman.

       In the image above we can see that you used multiple analysis datas to one combined, but I want to do analysis on the whole assemble and just need to add the individual meshes .

      So can we just mesh in ansys and combine all meshes in one Static structural as the assembled product?

    • parkersheaffer

      but I want to do analysis on the whole assemble and just need to add the individual meshes .

      This is exactly what he is showing in the image, you take an assembly split the components into their own systems where you can mesh and then import the meshed bodies into a single system together. I would suggest you start with a simple model if you are still unclear, for example create an assembly with 3 blocks and duplicate the system 3 times. 

      In each system suppress two of the blocks so you have one remaining, then mesh!

      Create a 4th system in the workbench that these 3 systems feed into.

      When you do this click on the model block of the 4th system you will see in the properties window options for each block.

      When you open mechanical for this 4th system it will load in all the components.


      In this case if i modified block 1, only block 1 would need to be remeshed.

      Keep in mind that your component systems can be more then 1 body with contacts and joints. 


    • chandramouli

      Thank you parkersheaffer,

      I have tried both methods suggested above and both are similar and works perfectly.

      The mistake I did was, 

      I used the mesh option and tried to import it to static structural and explicit dynamics which does not work .That method only works on CFD analysis.



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