How to include Spice file (.txt) in HFSS

    • Preeti


      I am simulating a planar antenna array in HFSS 2020 R2. This array also includes non-linear element such as a diodes.

      Now, I want to include the Spice model of the diode in my simulations, which is provided by the manufacturer.

      But, my problem is that the provided Spice model is in the format of .txt and, I can see that this format (.txt) is not supported by the Spice model, included in the Circuit Systems of AEDT.

      Please help.



    • Dan Dvorscak
      Ansys Employee
      I would change the extension of the spice model to .sp and see if it imports correctly or not. Though that should only matter to get AEDT to see the file in the search filter when doing a SPICE import. Usually the file extension doesn't really matter for SPICE models. Assuming it imports OK, you should be able to then set up a dynamic link between Circuit and HFSS.
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