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how to increase the memory size in workbench ls-dyna?

    • pengchengyin

      Hi all,

      I got an error when I did the drop test simulation which is memory is set 900866 words short error as the below image. And I already tried to use command *keyword memory=30000000, but the simulation is still stuck by this error.  I know how to solve it by using k file. But I want to know how to solve the error in workbench ls-dyna. Does anyone know the solution?



    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      'Mo' refers to Mega Words in Workbench Mechanical and the default is 20Mo.

      Often, using the default value might not work for larger models and one might encounter errors such as:

      *** Error 70021 (OTH+21) (Processor # 0)

      Memory is set *** words short

      memory size 20000000

      Increase the memory size etc.

      In such cases just double or tripling the value to 40 Mo or 60 Mo should help the model run.

      It has to be noted that Mo refers to Mega Words in the Workbench Mechanical GUI, where as the solver writes out the expanded number.

    • pengchengyin

      Thank you sir, it works!

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