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How to intelligently add local sizes in pyfluent and conveniently obtain zone na

    • haibin wu

      I now want to use pyfluent to add local dimensions in fluent meshing, as shown in the figure. I would like to select zone name by label as "oil_fluid-oil_fluid_0", "oil_fluid-oil_fluid_1"...'oil_fluid oil_fluid_5'(six zone). I successfully created a local size using the following code, but now I want to make my code more intelligent because the number of zones I have may change in the future. I would like to know if there is a way to directly select all zones with 'oil_fluid oil_fluid' in their names. Regardless of whether the number of zones increases or decreases, I can quickly select the zone I want. What can i do? Please help me, thank you very much!!!!

          meshing_session.workflow.TaskObject["Add Local Sizing"].Arguments.setState(AddChild="yes",
      BOIExecutio="Body Size",
    • haibin wu
      i got it. I used the following code to select all zones with "oil_fluid oil_fluid" in their names. At present, it has solved my problem, but I also want to know if there are other ways to obtain zone name by label to achieve intelligent and convenient selection of zone name meshing_session.workflow.TaskObject["Add Local Sizing"].Arguments.setState( AddChild="yes", BOIControlName="bodysize_oil", BOIExecutio="Body Size", BOIFaceLabelList='*oil_fluid-oil_fluid*', BOISize=2)
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

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