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Student Competition

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How to line up the car to the box made along the line of plane yz?

    • Aadya Goel

      From tutorial

      &ab_channel=AnsysHowTo @ 2:25, would appreciate any help, my car wasn't in line with the xz plane like in the video, but seemed to line up with yz so I had made the rectangle using the plane yz: 

    • Luca B.
      Ansys Employee

      You can use Assebly/ Align tool to align one body to another.

      Anyway I suggest you first to create a plane in the middle of your car and then refer to it for next movements.

      You can switch selection to only vertex mode, so you can hights three point on the middle size of your car and then you can create the plane. It will be defined in the middle of your car.



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