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LS Dyna

How to load the THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety) into LS-Dyna?

    • Luisa Hornung

      Dear Community,

      I want to load the Occupant Model into LS Dyna to perform impact analysis on its hand. To "cut" the model I first want to load it into the LS Prepost, but when using APDL I get the following Error. I read in this forum, that many user work with THUMS and Ansys and I assume, that they dont have a problem with the .k files.

      Has anyone an idea how to solve this issue?


    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, although I'm not very familiar with APDL, I would try moving the input file in a path that does not contain spaces, as the error indicates. Another alternative is to use LS-RUN for submitting a LS-DYNA job.

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