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How to make a ellipsoid with different a,b & c?

    • Domiziano Dario Tosi

      I tried to make an elipsoid with L 20um, W 15um and H 7um but i could not find a tool for it. So I divided the shape in 1/4 and then applied the mirror tool but when I do 1/4th of the shape the curve is deformed like shown in the picture, there is a way on making it without any distortions? thank you

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      You can use Equations to create an ellipsoid in SCDM.

      You can use equations of the ellipsoid as follows:

      This can be used by choosing curve type as custom and entering the above values there, more info at Geometry from Equations (ansys.com)



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