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General Mechanical

how to make a part of a geometry rigid and how to add pressure in one direction

    • mstf

      hello everyone

      I have a cast pulley which I want to simulate it under load like it is being pulled by couple of ropes

      (see picture) and the magnitude of the load is around 2500 kg on the pulley and the pulley is mounted on a shaft. i have two questions: how can I exert load like ropes? I mean due to simplicity i don't want to model ropes. actually, I can create pressure on the half of the pulley downword. how can I do this?

      another question: if I import an assemble that consists of two parts how can i make one of them rigid? is there an option to do this?

      thankyou for your responses

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      You can go to the geometry in model tree and change part behavior to 'rigid'. You could split the geometry into sectors and apply pressure to the sector which touches the rope. You could alsocreate a nodal names selection using worksheet( manually using CNTRL + N and then apply a pressure to this nodal named selection. If you also want to apply tangential forces you could create a cylindrical coordinate system and apply forces relative to it.
      Regards Ishan.
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