How to make contour plot (EF, frequency and phase) in coaxial waveguide?

    • Bandi

      Hi everyone,

      I would like to make the contour plot (Electric field of the circumference of the outer conductor, Frequency, and Phase) of the coaxial waveguide.

      I thought I can see the changing of TE modes from this graph. But, I could not add the magnitude of the Electric field in quantity.

      What should I do to make this contour plot?

      Thank you for your time.

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee

      To plot the electric field after you have completed the analysis - first, you have to select the object for which you want to see the contour plot.
      After selecting the object, Go to "HFSS -> Fields -> Plot Fields -> select field quantity you want to plot".
      After selecting field quantity new create field plot window pops up, In this window, you have to select different fields like solution type, frequency, phase, quantity, etc.
      on the bottom right side of this window, you can check the streamline box to indicate magnetic flux lines (Make sure that for plotting the streamline plot you select the vector quantity)
      and when you modify the settings, click Done to view the plot.

      Please go through the "Plotting Field Overlays" and "Notes for creating Streamline plots" section from HFSS Help document for more details.
      or you can also watch "Intro to Ansys HFSS" video playlist :
      " target="blank">

      Thanks Chinmay
  • Bandi
    Hi @ctelkikar Thank you for your kind support.
    I have already made the electric field distribution in the volume of the outside cylinder as shown in Fig.1.
    However, I would like to build the EF distribution in the inside surface of the outside cylinder depending on frequency (or depending on cylinders length) as shown in Fig.2.
    I am just a beginner at this software. So, I don't know whether it is possible to make this contour graph or not.
    I could not find the function for this type of graph.
    Do you have any idea about this? if yes, please let me know.

    Thank you
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