How to make local refinement on particular part of a body?

    • jasonsum25

      I want to simulate the aerodynamic drag of two high speed trains with different designs, but I got "Turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 1.000000e+05 in xxx cells." throughout the step calculation in steady setup. 

      Q1. is this warning message really matter to the simulation?

      I checked the turbulent viscosity contour and saw the following red part is having high viscosity ratio.

      I deduce that finer meshes are needed to those red area shown in above contour. However, I only know local face sizing but not local 3D volume sizing of a part in one body (i.e. the yellow part below). 

      Q2. How to do the local 3D body mesh for local refinement on a particular part to resolve the viscosity ratio problem?

      Q3. Is Inflation Meshing necessary for aerodynamic drag simulation? Do inflation layers near the  domain important for the drag evaluation?


    • Vivek Praveen
      Ansys Employee

      Hi jasonsum25,

      Check out this informative video on the body of influence, which can resolve your concerns. Click

      ">here to watch the video.  Also, check out this course, which addresses all information regarding local sizing.


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