How to manually define output parameters in Fensap-ice in workbench

    • Susan

      Dear all,

      For the parametric study in workbench, I want to define another output parameters in fensap-ice module besides the default ones, such as Total Beta in A5 Solution Droplets.

      Is that possible?

      Thank you so much.

      Best regards,


    • Shoaib Shah
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Susan
      For parametric studies only the ones you can see in the properties panel on the right hand side can be parametrized. By clicking on each setup (flow, droplets,ice) cell, the properties panel will show parameters you can do what if studies for. This will be a box you can check.

      Thank you
    • Susan
      Dear sshah Thank you for your attention and reply. Yeah, I see that but the problem is the parameters can be picked as variables are not which I want, and I want to define the input and output parameters by myself.
      Anyway, many thanks.

      Regards Susan
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