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How to merge line in rectangular ?

    • MakKimleang


      I'm doing SpaceClaim drawing and I have a question with how to merge line together as shown in the picture below! I try to use the fit curve, but it doesn't work with that! 

    • peteroznewman

      Why do you want to merge the lines?

      If you do something like pick both lines and Pull a surface from them, you will get a single surface body with two faces and the lines will disappear.

      If you want two beams to be connected, first you convert the lines into beams on the Prepare tab and then use the Share button on the Workbench tab to weld them together at a common node.

    • FrankD
      Ansys Employee

      Further, Fit Curve makes a spline (which by definition cannot have a sharp internal discontinuity)

      If you need a surface with no visible tangency, upon extrusion, then you have to make sure to sketch a tangent arc  (or spline) between the straight lines, first.


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