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How to model 2way FSI in a rotating tank?

    • masoudmtl

      Hello everybody,


      I have been busy with this problem for over a month and I would

      really appreciate it if someone could give me a kind help or introduce me to a

      helpful reference. Here is the problem:  

      There is a tank that is half full with water and half with air.

      There are a number of springs inside the tank which would vibrate with the

      rotation of the tank and interact with the water and create some moments on the

      structure of the cylinder. In detail:

      1.      Consider a circular tank

      with a diameter of 20cm and a height of 20 cm. The wall of the tank is 5mm


      2.       There exist 4

      springs attached to the floor of the tank in a circular pattern. Each spring is

      attached like a cantilever beam. That is one end attached to the floor of the

      tank and the other end is free.

      3.      Also consider that the

      axis of the springs is parallel to the axis of the cylinder but 5cm apart

      radially. Each spring has a wire thickness of 0.2mm and is 20 cm tall with 50


      4.      The water height is 10cm

      inside the tank and the rest is air. Also, gravity acts downward in the

      direction of the axis of the cylinder.

      5.      Imagine the tank is

      rotated with a varying rotational velocity of 100*sin(2*3.14*t) around its


      It is desired to measure the torque on the tank with time. We are

      going to drive the system with a motor and we are interested to have an

      estimate of the behavior of the system. Clearly, the problem is a 2way FSI

      (Fluid-Structure interaction). My problem in the first place is in coupling the

      Ansys transient structural with Ansys Fluent. In detail, I want the Ansys

      Fluent module to recognize the rotation from the structural module and apply it

      to the fluid. Then, I am interested to see the interaction between vibrating

      springs and the water inside the tank.

      I am enthusiastically waiting for your responses my friends.




    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
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