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General Mechanical

How to model a silicone membrane using ‘modal’ module?

    • waiyeenyeang

      I am new to Ansys software and I am an engineering student. I am currently learning plate and membrane vibration and would like to verify hand calculated result of mode shape and natural frequencies with Ansys. However I couldnt find any reference/tutorials on simple modelling to get used to this software. Please refer me to any reference/ tutorials preferably modelling of simple rectangular membrane. Thank you in advance.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      I would recommend that you start with our course that are free.

      Say first with getting started with ansys modal analysis.
      There are also many other good courses available.

      In order to understand some of the FEA theory, EDX and Cornell Uni. have a good course.

      All the best of luck

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