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How to model a spring disc model in 2D ?

    • emimeca

      Hello everyone, I'm trying to model a spring-disc structure on Ansys APDL. I modeled the spring with a combin14 element attached to a fixed node and another one related to a mass element. To model the disc, I tried putting a cicular frontier with plane182 and to link it to the masspoint with mpc184 elements. But when I ad these mpc and plane elements, the system as no frequency of vibration. Can someone help me with that issue ?

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      Suggest you posting this in the forum of MAPDL & Mechanical.
    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      PLANE182 is a 2D element, which means it is geometrically and spatially 2D. It is used for 2D axisymmetric, 2D plane strain, or 2D plane stress.
      I am wondering if you wanted a shell element (e.g., SHELL181) instead? Shell elements are geometrically 2D but spatially 3D. If you wanted a thin disc connected to a spring in 3D space, a shell element is probably what you want.
      If you did intend to use 2D elements, can you clarify if you are doing 2D axisymmetric or 2D plane stress? Do you have an image you can share of what you are trying to model?
      Regards Sheldon

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