How to model differential pair coupled to microstrip

    • srocca


      I want to simulate a differential pair that is capacitively coupled to a microstrip pair. I have assigned PerfE boundaries to each trace and pad element in yellow. There is no GND plane in this model, the wires act as reference and do not receive direct excitation. I am confused about how to create a port for this model. Any suggestions?

      I tried making a rectangle over the contact pads and assigning a wave port as shown below. This let me define the diff pair and set the wires as reference. This passed validation check but gives an error on analyzing "Too few conductors were found on port 1. There should be one conductor for each terminal, with one additional reference conductor. Unintentional contact between conductors may cause this error..".

      I instead added two lumped ports and edited the sources to be 180 degrees out of phase with respect to each other. This does not give errors and can give a solution, but is it physically correct?




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