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How to model parallel-nonlinear spring dashpot model in ansys mechanical with COMBIN elements

    • alibakhtiari


      I wonder to know how it is possible in ansys mechanical to model parallel spring-dashpot model with considering nonlinear behavior of the spring.

      I know that COMBIN 14 element can model a parallel spring-dashpot model, but it only considers linear behavior of the spring. However, COMBIN 39 element which is used to model a nonlinear spring, does not provide the damper.

      Which COMBIN element or technique you know which I can use to model a nonlinear spring-dashpot in parallel?


    • peteroznewman

      You can connect both a COMBIN14 and a COMBIN39 element to the same two nodes and get both a dashpot and a nonlinear spring.

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